OT VIII Class XII Auditor

Myriam Lahlou (later Myriam Stave) joined the Sea Org Flag Service Org in Clearwater on the very same day that I did back in 1976. We both did our basics together. We also ate at the same mess and shared the same cleaning stations.

Myriam went straight onto the TTC, and started to audit public in 1976, eventually becaming a Class XII in 1984. She was a Flag Auditor for nearly 23 years.

In 1979 we did our Purif together, shortly after it came out.

Of Berber origin, she first became acquainted with Scientology at Paris organization in France.

She is credited in the 1973 French Edition of Dianetics as having assisted J.J. Delance in the translation.

After I left in 1992, Myriam acquired the repute of being the "Best Flag Auditor".

Around 1996 She received the dubious promotion of being transferred at Int management to audit and "Sec-check" the Top Scientology Executives.

A veteran of 20 years who was loved by her countless pcs as "the best" and was a model staff and auditor, soon found herself to be severely failing " David Miscavige personal criteria as to what an auditor should sound and act like.

Beside the obvious outpoint that Myriam Stave technical knowledge was light years ahead of David's Miscavige's own (a provisional Class IV auditor) Myriam had been trained by the best Class XII C/Ses on the planet (many of whom were hand picked and trained by LRH himself). One could probably have taped her own sessions to know what an auditor should sound land act like, but David Miscavige repeatedly treated Myriam as if she were a grossly out-ethics Individual.

Repeatedly, David Miscavige would denigrate Flag Auditors, stating that if she was the best that flag had to offer, how low could be the standards of auditors at large???

A mixture of Medical neglect (The Sea Org traditionally does not send its staff to Doctors until the symptoms are alarming) and stress (having to work in an Orwellian regime for no reward and under a perpetual threat of guesome penalties), seem to have led to Myriam developping breast Cancer at before she was even 45 years old. By the time she was allowed to leave with her husband to seek Medical treatment, it was too late. She died sometime in 1999.

"(about the antisocial personality) Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding. HCOB 27 SEPTEMBER 1966 THE ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONALITY"

"All illness ... and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition. HCOB 10 August 1973 PTS HANDLING"